Born and raised in North County San Diego, Steve Burrows lives the lifestyle he paints, draws and creates. When he isn’t catching the sunrise, SUPing, or testing out a local IPA, he’s bringing his ideas to life through his ART.

Meet Steve

Steve Burrows lives on the coast in Encinitas,CA. Born into a family of craftsmen, he is as comfortable with a hammer and drill as a brush and canvas.

In high school he was the one drawing on his desk & not listening to his 10th grade English teacher. One day his teacher, Mr. Wagner, brought him a stack of papers and told him to “please draw on these papers because erasing your art off the desk breaks my heart.” And so it began.

Steve is a professional artist with years of illustrating, murals, canvas and sign work under his belt. On any given day you will more than likely find him drawing, doodling, constructing and bringing his colorful thoughts to his artistic creations.

His works have been featured in numerous locations and for top companies. His joy is bringing ideas to life.

  • San Diego Wild Animal Park Mural
  • Pannikin Coffee & Tea
  • San Diego Chargers Billboard
  • Patagonia
  • The Union Tribune
  • Prana
  • Arctic Foam
  • SDGE
  • Fundraisers and Non-Profits:
    Water for Life
    Nathan’s Garden


"Travel, adventure and surf, with a dose of wit and humor -- it is undoubtedly from the mind and spirit of Steve Burrows."

“Steve is one of the funniest and most clever humans I know. And he puts it into his work. I feel joy every time I look at it.”

“BurritoArt reminds us to laugh, love and live.”


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